5 Easy Ways to Customize Your Wedding

So you’re engaged. Felicidades! You may have noticed on social media that intimate weddings have become quite the trend. While not everyone in the wedding industry may be pro small weddings, over here at Llena Vida Media I’m a huge fan of encouraging couples to go small and focus on their unique love story rather than on throwing a huge party that just doesn’t match their personality. But what if you’re not into the vibe of small weddings but just want the idea of things being a bit more personal? Well, this is the perfect list for you to jump off of as you wedding plan and figure out how exactly you’re going to make your day your own. 

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  1. Reuse a family member’s wedding gown 

Yes, I know. As a soon to be bride myself, I know we all dream of getting the chance to make the choice of what we buy and wear on our wedding day. Everyone wants that “say yes to the dress” Cinderella moment. But instead of choosing to spend thousands on a dress you’ll wear for one day, why not spend that budget on updating a gown kept from one of your family members? Yes, it will need a little bit of work and vision, but with a good seamstress you can craft a wedding gown that fits your vision and looks cute to boot. Not a fan of having to give up your dream wedding gown? Make a heritage gown into your reception outfit or better yet, take inspiration from one TikTok bride and turn the gown into a dressing gown to wear the morning of.

2. Make Use of the Something Borrowed Something Blue 

This is one of those wedding traditions that has all but disappeared in the 21st century not by intention but simply by being one of the most forgettable (sorry buddy). Luckily, it can make a comeback by using it to bring family heritage into your day! Considering borrowing family jewelry, using family heirloom items to wrap around your bouquet, or wear a brooch from grandma that she’s saved in her dresser just for special occasions.

3. Use Your Decor To Say Something About You

While florals and candles can be nice, why not go for something incredibly unique by centering the day around a shared passion? If you two are nerdy lovers, consider pulling inspiration from this Lord of the Rings themed wedding printed in the Rock & Roll Bride magazine! If geeky lore isn’t your shared hobby, why not use something like a certain color palette, childhood photos, or shared interest be your tie-in that overwhelms the whole wedding. Met at a winery? Use glass/beaded grapes, empty bottles, and wine corks to decorate the tables. Happened to be coworkers-turned-enemies-turned-lovers? Why not consider a wedding with vibes that will harken back to “The Office” (though hopefully with less tragic comedy)? 

4. Use Your Venue (or mode a la venue) 

Consider doing something utterly unique like this couple from Green Weddings Shoes and use your mode of transportation to give guests an interactive expierence they won’t forget. Take a tip from one of my gorgeous couples and reach out to the location of your first meeting (whether that be a bar, restaurant, college, club, or event venue). While you may not be able to hold your ceremony there, you may be able to hold your reception or a cozy rehearsal dinner. If the venue isn’t on your list of concerns, consider pulling up in a creative way. You could go goth and arrive in a coffin, pull up on a speedboat if your ceremony is seaside, or rent a vintage vehicle to go arrive at the aisle in style.  

5. Embrace Heritage Food 

If you’re a bride with a rich cultural heritage, you have a plethora of options for the kinds of meals and vendors who can make your favorite arroz con gandules wedding appropriate. You don’t have to settle for sterotypical either. You may not be a taco fan, but what about enchiladas or empanadas as the perfect hand-held food? Venue restrictions may make it difficult to venture too far with the main course but consider employing a bartending company or a dessert vendor who can perfect your favorite guilty pleasure en masse. 

However you choose to celebrate your day, make it your own and embrace the DIYing, penny-pinching, and creativity that will be needed to make it happen. Big weddings and small weddings alike take a lot of work and inspiration to truly pull together. 

If you’re a nontraditional bride who has been seeing the personalized trend and needs some more inspiration, check out my Pinterest page to see different boards inspired by color, minimalist, geeky, disco, and more! (Latina brides, there’s a whole boda board created especially for you) 

Leave a comment if you’d like to see more ideas on what you can personalize for your wedding. 

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