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Mas de Mi

      Bienvenidos! If you’re new here, welcome! You’ve probably seen a lot of photographers and videographers who make you promises about how elegant and stylish you can look (HINT: that translates to hours of standing around trying to remember how to smile).  You’re here because you’re looking for an experience that makes telling your story simple and enjoyable. Luckily, you’re in the right place. 

        This blog WON’T be: 

  •      a place to SELL to you 
  •      a place to brag on ME
  •      a place with BORING content you’ll want to skip. 

         This blog WILL be: 

  •      a place to help you tell your UNIQUE life story. 
  •      a place to celebrate YOU and YOUR wins through life’s ups and downs.
  •       a place as quirky as your unique life stories with HELPFUL tips to plan the perfect wedding, family outing, grad night, and more. 

           If that sounds like this is the place for you, then yay! I’m so excited to have you and work with you to make something truly amazing. 

            If this intro has you  excited, then prepare to get even more hyped. If you reach out to me via the contact form, Instagram, or Facebook, just mention this blog post and I’ll give you 15% off your next booking! Don’t hesitate to reach out. Let’s gets get talking.  🙂 


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