We're about to be professional besties


Documentary storytelling for the rebelliously in love


Hold on. You've heard this one before: girl meets boy. Boy meets girl. They fall in love. They're a perfect match.

So they decide to strike up a long distance relationship that spans 2,000 miles, introduces the boy to Star Wars, and ends up inspiring a business celebrating relationships just like theirs.

No? Well maybe not that last part.

That's me. In fact, that's why YOU'RE here!

You're all about having your love captured in a way that feels authentic to how unique you are. So am I.

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When I fell for my now husband, I never knew that our relationship would turn the tide of my career. I've always been about stories and love, starting with my love of documentary filmmaking people's journeys and event planning work for almost a decade. After getting engaged myself in 2022, I realized just how much room the wedding industry had for people from diverse backgrounds to start shouting their love in all different ways the world hadn't heard yet. When we got married in 2023, we knew our day was going to be a celebration of who we were even if that meant breaking the rules a little. I've continued doing that as a wedding photographer and videographer because who doesn't love having a day that's true to you?

Rebel brides, it's our time to shine!

Llena Vida Media isn't just a name. It's a command in my family language to "fill your life" with as many memories as possible. It's time to take back the idea of weddings to reimagine celebrations any way we'd like, while celebrating our personalities and all the unique quirks of our love stories.

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we're not about forcing a smile for the camera

I'm here to get the belly busting laughs and small moments that make up a day filled with experiences, rather than poses

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