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Classic Love: Stephanie + Felipe

Weddings may often come with a ton of ppomp and pizzazz, but the best loves are often sweet and classic. Stephanie and Felipe’s day was a true celebration of the all the best a wedding day can be, from beginning to end. 

I had the honor of meeting Stephanie and Felipe over a year ago while they were in the midst of wedding planning. The two had been dating since high school and their time together as a couplet has been marked by taking leaps of faith and embarking on many an adventure together. I’d been looking forward to this wedding for months and after a long haul of planning, communicating, and one memorable engagement shoot, we had finally arrived. 

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Easy Wedding Day Decor ft. Events by Design

Want to add a touch of magic and personality to your wedding day? If you’re seeking effortless wedding elegance that makes your day look stunning without stressing extra effort, you’re in the right place. If you’re new here, welcome to your sanctuary for all things wedding planning, tailored to brides who want their big day to be as unique as they are.

That’s why I’m so excited as we continue with a new series spotlighting vendors who excel in providing couples, brides, and families with an exceptional wedding experience. Today, we’re chatting with a dear friend of mine who brings a level of dedication to every bride she works with. If you’re looking for wedding day glam that’s got a spark of fun, let’s dive into our conversation about all things wedding decor, design, and coordination.

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The Ultimate Foodie Wedding: Molly & Frank

For the quirky, and the food obsessed, this has to be the ultimate foodie wedding. Witnessing a couple embrace their love story and cultural backgrounds is a heartwarming experience. Yet, when the fusion of two diverse worlds is not just harmonious but also showcased in every detail of a wedding day, it becomes truly exceptional. Such was the case with Frank and Molly’s wedding, a celebration that seamlessly blended Vietnamese traditions and Midwestern charm, all against the stunning backdrop of San Diego’s Salt Drift Pointe at Imperial Beach.

Frank and Molly’s journey began when they crossed paths in PA school, an academic setting that ignited the spark of their shared passion for medicine. However, their story didn’t end in the classroom; it carried them across the country to the golden state of California, where they’ve since embarked on a thrilling adventure as dog parents, culinary explorers, and bonafide foodies.

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Easy Wedding Glam ft. Glowing Beauty LA

Want to get easy wedding glam that will have you looking without sacrificing feeling your best? If you’re new to the blog, welcome to your haven for all things wedding planning for the bride who wants to make her day her own. 

That’s why we’re introducing a new series shining the spotlight on vendors who fully embody giving brides, couples, and their families the best experience possible. Today we’ll be talking with a good wedding vendor friend who actually was the one who provided my wedding day look. If that’s not a great recommendation, I don’t know what is. Without further ado, let’s talk all things wedding day beauty. 

This feels like a very full circle moment and I’m so honored to have you. Can you start off by introducing yourself? Hi brides-to-be! My name is Mayra and I’m the owner and lead artist of Glowing Beauty LA. 

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Save Your Wedding With These 4 Free Guides!

So you’re planning your wedding with your honey. You’re knee deep in shades of tulle that probably don’t look any different and you’re still being asked who’s sitting where. There’s a LOT to plan. As a June 2023 bride myself and a wedding photographer and videographer, I know the struggle. Amidst the excitement, there’s a multitude of details to organize and coordinate, especially when it comes to working with vendors like us.

That’s why I’m thrilled to offer you a game-changing solution – free customizable forms to help you manage timelines, venue planning, and other essential aspects of your wedding preparation. Let’s delve into the wealth of information brides need to compile for vendors and how these forms can make your wedding planning journey (and your day of) smoother than ever!

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