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Easy Tips to Coordinate for a Couple’s Photo Session

You and your partner have decided to finally do it. You’ve put down your deposit, you’ve planned a date, and you know exactly where you’re trekking to have an adventure filled photography session. Yup, that’s right – you’ve decided now is the perfect time to celebrate your love story by making memories and getting those memories on film (or digital as is the vogue these days). Now there’s only one quesiton left: what do you wear? If you’re not the most fashion forward couple or coordinating just isn’t your thing or you’re just stuck in a creative rut, here’s a few simple tips that can help you to throw together something you’ll feel confident seeing in your finished gallery. 

But first a disclaimer.

Newsflash! You DON’T need to run to the store for every session. As tempting as it may be (Forbid yourself from checking Instagram as a source of inspiration – there will always be someone with a bigger budget). Instead, let’s embrace using what’s in your wardrobe to feel confident in how we look. If shopping is your jam, go for it! But don’t feel like you have to go running to the mall; the wise planner can make anything they already have work for their body. So let’s get into it with some simple tips! 

  1. Choose a color palette 

This is probably the easiest way you can coordinate outfits without having to require either member of the photo session having to go out and grab a certain kind of clothing. You can choose a single primary color or be a bit more general and choose neutrals or grays. Try to have a conversation with your boyfriend or girlfriend about which colors you both feel confident in and happen to own. 

2. Choose a vibe 

You don’t have to pick a color. If your location happens to be in a particularly prime location – say the mountains or beach – why not choose a theme and go with it? Why not be unique and go for something eclectic while in the middle of the woods? Or why not embrace your nerd status by doing a couple cosplay in the middle of the city and walk around as a knight and princess duo? The opportunities are endless. 

3. Choose one piece of clothing 

Rather than go for a whole outfit with coordination, why not pick just one clothing item to match together? Choose to both wear classy coats, or match by wearing chunky sweaters, or a pajama set. Just by picking one outfit piece you can coordinate. 

Hopefully these 3 simple tips can help you to start coming up with some more ideas for your next photo session. Still not sure if you know exactly what to wear? If you’d like to see some practical examples of this, leave a comment below and you may find a post popping up next week. Hasta luego, stay curious and keep romanticizing your life. 

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