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Classic Love: Stephanie + Felipe

Weddings may often come with a ton of ppomp and pizzazz, but the best loves are often sweet and classic. Stephanie and Felipe’s day was a true celebration of the all the best a wedding day can be, from beginning to end. 

I had the honor of meeting Stephanie and Felipe over a year ago while they were in the midst of wedding planning. The two had been dating since high school and their time together as a couplet has been marked by taking leaps of faith and embarking on many an adventure together. I’d been looking forward to this wedding for months and after a long haul of planning, communicating, and one memorable engagement shoot, we had finally arrived. 

One of the most important parts about hiring a media team for your wedding day is finding someone who will be able to capture your vibeas a couple without interrupting the magic of the day. For Stephanie and Felipe, it wasa as simple as letting them be themselves, with all of the fun their laidback vibe brought (not to mention the classic Chevy Bel-Air, courtesy of their tío). 

The day started with a calm and simple morning. While Stephanie got ready, her bridesmaids arrived one by one, dressed in stunning rust colors that glowed. Allowing oneself to fully live and feel their wedding day is so crucial and I can’t forget the moment when Stephanie’s parents came out to see her in her full wedding attire. Despite her mother’s protests that she wouldn’t be emotional because “ya vi tu vestido”, there was an instant moment of emotional connection between Stephanie and her mom. Those sparks of emotion were just the beginning of what would prove to be a sweetly intimate day. 

Saint Boniface set the stage for their ceremony space, with stained glass windows that filtered light in cinematic shafts. The beauty of their ceremony –  quiet, modest, and warm – was not lost on anyone, even myself and the other members of my team. 

There was no missing the small smiles and the light in the bride’s eyes during the ceremony. Their day was softly lit from the glow of the stained glass windows that then ushered their exit as they departed from the building to the cheers of the many friends and family members gathered together. 

One of the best parts of the day had to be the romantic portraits. Classic cars and fun props can bring a touch of fun and elegance to any portrait session and the classic Chevrolet Bel-Air was a touch that brought the vintage look Stephanie and Felipe desired. I always recommend to my couples that they have something to engage with in their portrait time (whether that be the veil, bouquet, drinks, desserts, or something of the like). The couple took their time to enjoy golden hour settings with each other before heading to the reception. 

Their night was a joyful occasion filled with laughter, simple joy, and music. The couple incorporated their culture into a multitude of aspects, including a table to honor their loved ones who had passed on. Their night ended with a multitude of glow torches being passed out for the guests to use while jamming out to their favorite tunes. Guests were able to enjoy a photo booth, 360 video creator, and more. While jamming to 2000s classics and enjoying conchas, guests made the most of the night. 

It was such a surreal moment to come full circle as their wedding photographer and cheerleader for almost a full year of working together to make the day happen. I’m so honored to have been present for such an important day. 

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