Fun Ways to Enjoy Wedding Planning

Let me guess. 

Your engagement was one of the best days of your life, yet suddenly wedding stress has descended. How can you make it fun again? 

While it may be pretty common for wedding stress to be a part of the wedding planning process, it’s time to say no to accepting that. Yes, wedding planning can be fun. If you’re not sure where to start, look no further. Here’s a few helpful tips! 

But first, a bit of background.

As a bride-to-be myself, I’ve been trying to navigate the world of wedding planning. This is one of those events none of us were prepped for growing up. Despite being a type A bride, the sheer volume of information, marketing, and customization is overwhelming. I got engaged almost a year before our planned wedding date, but the amount of info to organize such an event is a lot. And as a wedding photographer & videographer, I understand how important it is to be on top of wedding planning. So where to start? 

Bridal expos.

There’s difference conferences that are either free or priced at a reasonable price across the country. I personally have gone to three in Southern California. In fact, if you’re looking for a list to help you find some near me , check this one out. So here’s some important takeaways and some of the most significant ways those experiences have shaped how I operate as a bride-to-be and as a wedding industry professional. 

Firstly, one of the most important things to note is that like anything else, the wedding industry is just that. An industry. And as someone who works in the industry, I know the value of great photo and video. But as a bride-to-be, I noted that the industry is driven by trends. It can be easy to get caught up in all of the fun add-ons (photo buses, personalized disco ball lights, and engraved tumblers were only some of the offerings I saw), but the important part of any wedding day is whether you can live with the investment 5 years down the line.

For me personally that has looked like realizing that I’m not into big weddings. As an introvert, I want to invest in authentic moments with people and memories well-captured. Not every bride will come to the same conclusion and that’s ok. Your wedding is a once in a lifetime moment; it’s ok to splurge on feeling like the star you are. While some of the fun wedding trends may not be for everybody, this is the time to make those Pinterest boards come to life. 

So now that we’ve established that bridal expos are one of the best sounding boards and places to collect ideas, what else can you do to enjoy the process? If you haven’t found some of the perfect vendors while attending a bridal expo, this is the chance to shop around via social media, Google searches, and friend’s recommendations. 

If you can, try to make the experience of vendor/supply shopping into an in-person experience. Gather members of your bridal party to go to multiple bridal boutiques so you have more chances to look for a gown that will best suit you. Go to florists yourself to talk with the stylists and plan hair+makeup trials with artists to test the experience. 

Planning doesn’t have to be a battle

If shopping in person just isn’t an option to you, consider using Cultivate, a Safari plug-in that works with most e-commerce platforms to help you find local vendors and support your nearby community. The best part is that the plugin helps you to find comparative prices so that you’re not missing out on a great deal. 

I’ve been using it to find supplies with my fiancé and making a date out of  planning together. That brings us to the next part of my recommendations for engaged couples. Use wedding planning as an way to intentionally date one another. What’s more romantic than getting together to enjoy a good cup of coffee, charcuterie board, or whatever treat you fancy while talking about planning the future together? Wedding planning doesn’t have to devolve into a shouting match. In fact, actively involving your partner in the planning process can help both of you to feel united as you get closer to wedding day. 

My last tip is to document your process by taking a photo as time goes by through the planning process. If you have a Polaroid, this is an even more fun way to have physical tokens to commemorate each step of the process. You can take these each consecutive day/week/month until you’ve reached the big day. 

All in all, the important part to keep in mind is that wedding planning doesn’t have to be a battle. Every decision that you and your partner may differ over should be met with an attitude to compromise and create a wedding day that will be the most enjoyable for both of you. Keep a mindset of sacrifice – it is one that will carry you through the wedding day and beyond in your marriage. 

Past brides or current brides-to-be – what’s one tip you have for enjoying the wedding process and making it a memorable part of the journey to your wedding day? 

Planning is part of the wedding experience

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