G + E’s Ranchero Wedding

Summer brides, are you looking for inspiration for a fresh, fun, and colorful wedding? Look no further than Georgina and Eddie’s ranchero wedding celebrating their unique cultures and family. 

“I want my wedding day to be chill – but fun”

Gina’s first call with me made it clear that her love for her culture, family, and fiance wasn’t just going to allow her to have a casual wedding day. Her love for the different people in her day is immense and her wedding day would be a celebration of that. Georgina’s family comes from Zacatecas, a background she proudly represented through the Tequila they enjoyed on the day of, the songs requested from the mariachis during the reception (can you say fun reception?!), and the shot glasses from her mom’s hometown. Gina’s mother and daughter dance was also a celebration of their family bond, despite the loss of her father. But instead of dwelling on the sadness, Georgina found a beautiful way to celebrate her father’s memory on her wedding day. She incorporated some of his favorite things into the ceremony, such as the flowers he loved and the music he enjoyed. It was a day filled with quiet moments of gravitas as the family mourned her father’s loss and carried it with them on the wedding day. 

Following a quiet morning at her family home, the family gathered at Our Lady of the Rosary Parish in Paramount, California. They honored tradition by incorporating the lazos and arras during their wedding mass. The ceremony was especially emotional as Gina’s mother walked her down the aisle in absence of her father and read the bendicíon. Topping everything off, Eddie wore a traditional traje de charro. 

After the ceremony, we headed to the hills of Perris for the reception. The superbloom made for a breathtaking backdrop, with wildflowers of every color spreading across the hillsides. The rancho venue was decked out with the perfect summer wedding inspiration with traditional papel picado and sunflowers. Even the wedding guest favors celebrated Gina’s family; the shotglasses and tequila was straight from Zacatecas. 

The ranchero wedding inspiration of summer bride dreams

The night ended with dos horas de la banda, after following a lively performance by “Los Mariachis de San Miguel”. The setting sun and superbloom made Gina and Eddie’s bridal portraits even more grand right before their entrance with the banda.

Georgina and Eddie’s wedding was a perfect blend of culture, love, and nature. It was an honor to be part of their special day and to capture the memories that they will cherish for a lifetime. I wish them a lifetime of love, happiness, and adventure together.

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