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Perfect Golden Hour Engagement Inspiration

I hope this isn’t what your couple sessions look like: 

  • an awkward time with lots of silence
  • a cold day with little to make you feel loved and photos that don’t inspire good memories
  • a day without lots of laughter (the worst in my opinion)
INSTEAD, I hope your couple’s session is as filled with laughter and warmth as this session with Kasey and Josh was. This is the perfect golden hour engagement inspiration. 

I didn’t have to prompt them very much, but instead felt like a fly on the wall or a best friend third wheeling all day as I captured their natural chemistry. These two laughed and lived through every moment and their clear adoration of each other made picking shots for their final gallery incredibly hard. 

that "belly laughing with your best friend" feeling

If there’s anything I hope this session inspires you in, it’s that you embrace and enjoy your time despite any features you may not love about yourself. Kasey noted during the session that she loves her laugh despite not being a huge fan of her nose.

“I love these pictures! And seeing pictures of us makes me happy. That’s what matters.”  

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