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Easy Wedding Day Decor ft. Events by Design

Want to add a touch of magic and personality to your wedding day? If you’re seeking effortless wedding elegance that makes your day look stunning without stressing extra effort, you’re in the right place. If you’re new here, welcome to your sanctuary for all things wedding planning, tailored to brides who want their big day to be as unique as they are.

That’s why I’m so excited as we continue with a new series spotlighting vendors who excel in providing couples, brides, and families with an exceptional wedding experience. Today, we’re chatting with a dear friend of mine who brings a level of dedication to every bride she works with. If you’re looking for wedding day glam that’s got a spark of fun, let’s dive into our conversation about all things wedding decor, design, and coordination.

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Easy Wedding Glam ft. Glowing Beauty LA

Want to get easy wedding glam that will have you looking without sacrificing feeling your best? If you’re new to the blog, welcome to your haven for all things wedding planning for the bride who wants to make her day her own. 

That’s why we’re introducing a new series shining the spotlight on vendors who fully embody giving brides, couples, and their families the best experience possible. Today we’ll be talking with a good wedding vendor friend who actually was the one who provided my wedding day look. If that’s not a great recommendation, I don’t know what is. Without further ado, let’s talk all things wedding day beauty. 

This feels like a very full circle moment and I’m so honored to have you. Can you start off by introducing yourself? Hi brides-to-be! My name is Mayra and I’m the owner and lead artist of Glowing Beauty LA. 

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5 Easy Ways to Customize Your Wedding

So you’re engaged. Felicidades! You may have noticed on social media that intimate weddings have become quite the trend. While not everyone in the wedding industry may be pro small weddings, over here at Llena Vida Media I’m a huge fan of encouraging couples to go small and focus on their unique love story rather than on throwing a huge party that just doesn’t match their personality. But what if you’re not into the vibe of small weddings but just want the idea of things being a bit more personal? Well, this is the perfect list for you to jump off of as you wedding plan and figure out how exactly you’re going to make your day your own. 

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