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Love Knows No Bounds: Alejandra + Aidan

Love knows no bounds, and Aidan and Alejandra’s journey is a testament to the strength and resilience of their commitment. After navigating the challenges of a pandemic and the joyous chaos of raising twin boys, they finally had their moment to shine on their wedding day. Set at the enchanting Clarke Estate in Santa Fe Springs, their celebration was a beautiful reminder that love, laughter, and the simple joys of life are what truly matter.

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Industry Hills Cultural Wedding

Celebrating your love & culture

If you’ve been around the blog or any of my socials for any length of time, then you’ll know what I love more than anything is a wedding filled with details that celebrate a couple’s love story and/or culture. To quote Abuela Claudia a la Lin Manuel Miranda’s In the Heights, these kinds of things are the “little details that show the world we are not invisible”. When it comes to intimate weddings, the options are endless for how to customize and craft a day that truly celebrates you. 

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5 Easy Ways to Customize Your Wedding

So you’re engaged. Felicidades! You may have noticed on social media that intimate weddings have become quite the trend. While not everyone in the wedding industry may be pro small weddings, over here at Llena Vida Media I’m a huge fan of encouraging couples to go small and focus on their unique love story rather than on throwing a huge party that just doesn’t match their personality. But what if you’re not into the vibe of small weddings but just want the idea of things being a bit more personal? Well, this is the perfect list for you to jump off of as you wedding plan and figure out how exactly you’re going to make your day your own. 

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