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Victoria and Robert’s Celestial Themed Wedding

Life and love often have a funny way of working and Victoria and Robert’s celestial themed wedding was a testament to the beautiful union of two diverse cultures. From DIY details to rekindled connections, their love story unfolded like a celestial dance, guided by the stars. Set at the picturesque Los Angeles City College, their wedding was a reflection of their shared passions, blended families, and the magic that brought them together

Victoria and Robert were an absolute blast as a couple and their engagement session can be found HERE if you’re looking for all things colorful garden inspo.  Victoria and Robert’s story began during their college days, where a chance meeting sparked a connection that she told him quite expressly to ignore. In her words, “I expressly told him not to fall in love with me”. Fate brought them back together when Victoria reached out to Robert for a math tutoring session. Little did she know, this reconnection would lead to so much more.

With Victoria’s Egyptian heritage and Robert’s Salvadorian roots, their wedding day became a beautiful tapestry of cultural fusion. The blending of traditions, customs, and vibrant colors symbolized the harmonious union of their families. 

ictoria’s creativity and passion shone through every aspect of the wedding. From doing her own makeup and hair to crafting intricate DIY details, she transformed the Los Angeles City College into a celestial wonderland. The celestial theme served as a metaphor for their love—mysterious, enchanting, and infinitely vast.

Victoria’s choice of red shoes hidden beneath her dress added a touch of playfulness and boldness to her bridal ensemble. Alongside their large bridal parties, they were surrounded by a loving and supportive group of friends and family, ready to make their special day even more memorable.

The wedding reception was one filled with many memories. The choice to make the mic open to any gave opportunity for speeches from countless loved ones who wanted to express their deep appreciation for Victoria and Robert. The room resonated with stories of love, friendship, and admiration, painting a vivid picture of the profound impact the couple had on those around them.

the bouquet toss was a real fight to the finish line

Victoria and Robert’s celestial-themed wedding was a testament to their unique love story. From their reconnection through tutoring to the blending of their diverse cultures, their journey proved that love knows no bounds. Their DIY approach, symbolized by Victoria’s personal touch, added an extra layer of magic to their celestial celebration.

May the celestial stars continue to guide Victoria and Robert on their journey of love, joy, and cultural unity. As their wedding photographer, I had the honor of capturing the celestial splendor and heartfelt moments that will forever be cherished. Their love, like the stars, will shine brightly for all to see.

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