Y + D’s Love at San Juan Capistrano

Yesenia and David’s wedding was a memorable celebration of love, friendship, family, and culture. As their wedding photographer, I had the pleasure of capturing their special day celebrating their love at San Juan Capistrano, despite the scorching hot day in Southern California. The high temperatures made the day challenging, but the couple and their guests remained in high spirits throughout the festivities.

love at san juan capistrano

The wedding ceremony was held at the stunning Basilica in San Juan Capistrano, and it was beautiful seeing the gathered community in such a place of humble grandeur.. The ceremony included the traditional lazo with their padrinos, which symbolizes the unbreakable bond between the couple, as well as la vibora de la mar during the reception, which was a playful and fun moment for everyone. 

Due to the heat, we had to rush the couple portraits, but Yesenia and David were true professionals and didn’t let the weather affect their mood. The bride was radiant in her gown, and the groom looked sharp in his suit, and together, they made a stunning couple.

The reception was held at The Barn in Aliso Viejo, and it was a party to remember. The DIY elements, such as the donut wall and concha muffins, were a hit with the guests, and the lively Banda music and cumbia had everyone up and dancing. If you’ve ever been to a Mexican celebration of any time (and let’s face it, who hasn’t in Southern California), you’ll know that an essential part of it is the dancing and music, and this wedding was no exception.

La vibora de la mar, a crucial part of any traditional Mexican wedding, livened the end of the night up before Yesenia and David’s grand exit. 

Throughout the night, I captured beautiful moments of Yesenia and David surrounded by their loved ones, and the speeches were emotional and heartfelt. Despite the heat, the couple’s love for each other and their families shone through, and it was an honor to document their special day.

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