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The wind in your hair, the small quiet pauses, the loud laughs, the moments you don’t want to miss. You’re looking for something that can be summed up by one single command, captured in the most romantic language in the world: “llena tu vida”. Fill your life. What better way to start feeling like the main character than to start capturing everything so you don’t miss a single milestone? We’ve got so much life to capture together : )

It's time to ditch the standards.

Hello friend!

She’s got a little bit of dirt under her nails and she’s probably hopped up on cafe de olla and a pan dulce. That’s right – it’s me. Bienvenidos! My name is Trinity and I’m always traveling with a camera in my hand and a fuzzy brain filled with ideas on how to tell a story crafted around the moments unfolding in front of me. I’m down for the nontraditional, the quirky, and the messy of your authentic selves and love stories. If you’re ready to become a rebel soul who does things your way and loves it, then you’re in the right place. 


Sitting around in a carefully picked outfit, hoping your smile isn’t weird, and worrying constantly for days if you were blinking at the camera isn’t your thing? Me either. Luckily, you’ve found my kooky little corner of the internet where we embrace the weird, the wonderfully unique, and often woefully uncaptured authenticity that is you. We’re here to capture the magic of moments as they happen. If you’re looking to enjoy the magic of moments as they unfold, then you’ve come to the right place. 

If you’d like to ditch formulaic and cherish your nontraditional awesome then hit that button down below to start embracing your main character energy


I’m all about you – yes YOU. From lazy morning couple’s shoots to white knuckled elopements to weddings that scream “viva mi cultura”, I’m here for what makes you stand out from the crowd and tells your unique story.  

Brody and Megan have so much fun whenever they’re together and their genuine love and care for each other shines through every photo in their gallery. Megan is absolutely stunning In anything she wears and the eclectic city setting works so well with their sleek style

What do you when you’ve been dating for 10 years, had two kids, bought a house, and traveled together? Get married of course. And what better way to craft a wedding but than with wedding details celebrating your Latino heritage? Crystal made this day their own in so many ways. 

Heidi and Gabriel’s wedding day was such a beautiful wedding day filled with love, energy, and laughter. Heidi and Gabriel are middle school sweethearts who embraced family and their guests wholeheartedly through the details of their day


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Trinity Grau is a SoCal based photo + video powerhouse dedicated to capturing every precious moment in a filmic style authentic to you.  

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