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I give every person an unforgettable experience
and a final product that they’ll be able to revisit again and again.

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Meet Your Photographer

Bienvenidos! Trinity Grau here. I’m a lover of all things creative, fun, and uniquely you. As I got older and all of my friends began to get married, I noticed that the wedding industry was filled with standard films and photo galleries that felt like reproductions of the same thing multiple times. It was pretty clear to see that my friends’ personalities were going to be missed and their unique stories wouldn’t be told.

I’ve shot photo and video for years, making it an easy jump into doing it professionally. Now I help couples, families, and all of my clients figure out what exactly it is THEY’RE looking for, whether that be a gothic wedding film, a whimsical Wes Anderson inspired engagement, or a vintage grad shoot. My goal is to give every person I work with an unforgettable experience and a final product that they’ll be able to revisit again and again.

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Wedding Packages

The Unforgettable

  • 10 hour coverage
  • 6-10 minute video
  • 20 photos max, complimentary engagement session

The Essentials:

  • 6 hour coverage
  • 3-5 minute video
  • 50 photos max, complimentary engagement session

The Micro

  • 4hr ceremony and beginning of reception coverage
  • 100 photos max

Photography Services

Wedding starting at $1800

1hr couple sessions $100

Family photography $200

All shoots will begin upon completion of contract confirmation.

Unforgettable Moments

Seeing how my friends and families’ stories could be forgotten inspired me to capture people’s important milestones in a unique way. My work is all about making and keeping “precious memories”.

Brody and Megan have so much fun whenever they’re together and their genuine love and care for each other shines through every photo in their gallery. Megan is absolutely stunning In anything she wears and the eclectic city setting works so well with their sleek style

Frank and Christina were so comfortable together in the way that only mature love can show. They candidly agreed to every prompt and giggled their way through the shoot as if they were a young couple still falling in love. What made this shoot better is how easily they coordinated in greens that just made them glow against the urban backdrop.

An exceptionally fun shoot, Daniel was a joy to work with. He’s one of my favorite consistent clients who knows what his vision is and gives clear direction on how to achieve it.


Captured Bliss

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Love Notes

Rosie & Fernando

“We wanted our wedding film to capture what really was important to us and Trinity went above and beyond. She surprised us by capturing statements from our friends and family; I wanted to cry. It was so beautiful seeing how much love she managed to capture and put into our video.”


“Trinity took my ideas and RAN with it. She was so comfortable getting shots of me in the water and they exceeded my expectations. I wanted those photos to be full of the joy and relief I felt when graduating – and they make me smile every time I see them because that was an amazing memory.”


“I was absolutely blown away by these photos. Brody and I are normally awkward in photos but we always feel comfortable when shooting with Trinity. I’d book her for any important life event.”

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Trinity Grau, a photographer and videographer who aims to give every person an unforgettable experience and a final product that they’ll be able to revisit again and again.



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