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Easy Wedding Day Decor ft. Events by Design

Want to add a touch of magic and personality to your wedding day? If you’re seeking effortless wedding elegance that makes your day look stunning without stressing extra effort, you’re in the right place. If you’re new here, welcome to your sanctuary for all things wedding planning, tailored to brides who want their big day to be as unique as they are.

That’s why I’m so excited as we continue with a new series spotlighting vendors who excel in providing couples, brides, and families with an exceptional wedding experience. Today, we’re chatting with a dear friend of mine who brings a level of dedication to every bride she works with. If you’re looking for wedding day glam that’s got a spark of fun, let’s dive into our conversation about all things wedding decor, design, and coordination.

easy wedding day decor - no stress needed

First, can you introduce yourself to readers? My name is Michele! I’m the owner of Events by Design, where we offer design, decor, and coordination services. 

While you might be dreaming about walking down the aisle and saying “I do,” it’s easy to forget about who will actually be setting up the decor on the big day. From table centerpieces to intricate backdrops, having a clear plan for who will handle the set-up can save you from last-minute stress. Don’t forget about the teardown too – someone needs to ensure that all the decor is safely taken down after the festivities.

That’s awesome to know! What’s something that you think brides often don’t think about when it comes to your kind of services? I specialize in [organic] balloons, which can brighten up any spot and make your wedding day stand out. Especially with one of our backdrops!

A pro-tip for brides: You’ve meticulously chosen every decor element, but have you thought about how it will all be arranged on the day? From seating arrangements to the placement of decor items, having a clear layout plan can prevent any confusion on the day of the event.

What are some unique situations you’ve been in and how have you applied that going forward? I think definitely withstanding different weather climates has me thriving in
unique circumstances because the balloons are so thick and sturdy with my techniques.
They will hold up and I won’t have you thinking twice! Essentially these last for about
at least a month. Having great products and vendor services is a lot more than simply buying any old bag of balloons from your local party supply store. 

I can imagine. Timing is crucial when it comes to decor setup. Having a well-structured timeline that outlines when each decor element will be placed can help avoid chaos and ensure that everything is in place before your guests arrive.

When should brides be booking your services? Right now! I have a special right now that you can’t beat. For just 1k you will receive full service month of coordinating with an arch, name sign, and 8 ft doublestuffed Balloon garland. Offer ends 9/3/23. Price will then return to 2K and up! Otherwise I typically like to get the bride booked 6-12 months ahead of time. 

When hiring my services remember that I am also a bride to be and you are in good hands. You tell me your story and we will layout your design and decor so perfectly. Not only will your vision come to life, your dreams will also come true. You just have to show up on your special day and we will do the rest!

Thank you so much for sharing these tips! I can’t wait to share more with you all in order to craft the perfect wedding day. 

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