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Save Your Wedding With These 4 Free Guides!

So you’re planning your wedding with your honey. You’re knee deep in shades of tulle that probably don’t look any different and you’re still being asked who’s sitting where. There’s a LOT to plan. As a June 2023 bride myself and a wedding photographer and videographer, I know the struggle. Amidst the excitement, there’s a multitude of details to organize and coordinate, especially when it comes to working with vendors like us.

That’s why I’m thrilled to offer you a game-changing solution – free customizable forms to help you manage timelines, venue planning, and other essential aspects of your wedding preparation. Let’s delve into the wealth of information brides need to compile for vendors and how these forms can make your wedding planning journey (and your day of) smoother than ever!

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Planning a wedding is like choreographing a symphony of love, with vendors playing their own melodious roles. Whether you’re searching for the perfect wedding photographer, a talented videographer, or any other vendors, providing them with accurate and comprehensive information is essential. Here are some key pieces of information you’ll want to compile:

  1. Event Timeline: Mapping out your wedding day timeline is crucial for vendors to ensure they capture every magical moment. From pre-ceremony preparations to the grand finale, having a detailed schedule allows photographers and videographers to be at the right place at the right time.

  2. Venue Details: Your chosen venue is not only the backdrop for your celebration but also a canvas for creativity. Share detailed venue information, such as layout, lighting conditions, and any restrictions, so your photography and videography team can plan accordingly.

  3. Shot List: Every couple has unique preferences when it comes to capturing memories. Providing a shot list helps your photographers and videographers understand the moments that matter most to you, whether it’s a candid shot of your grandparents dancing or a close-up of your hand-in-hand exchange of rings.

  4. Family and Bridal Party Information: Knowing the names and relationships of key family members and bridal party members ensures that no important group photo or intimate moment goes unnoticed.

  5. Special Requests or Themes: If you have any specific themes, poses, or creative ideas in mind, sharing them with your vendors sparks the imagination and lets them tailor their services to your vision.

To simplify this process (because who wants to be bogged down with the boring stuff?) and empower you to be the kind of bride that has your vendors thanking YOU, I’ve created a collection of free customizable forms. These resources are designed to alleviate stress, save time, and guarantee that nothing slips through the cracks.

  1. Wedding Timeline Template: Our wedding timeline form is a dynamic tool that allows you to input the various events of your big day. From the ceremony to the reception, each aspect can be meticulously scheduled, ensuring all vendors are on the same page.

  2. Venue Planning Form: Not only will this form help you with finding your perfect venue, but you’ll also be able to make notes about the venue for your planner and photo/video team! Share venue specifics, lighting conditions, and any limitations with our venue planning form. This enables us to adapt our equipment and techniques for the best possible results in any setting.

  3. Shot List Planner: Customize your shot list with our user-friendly template. List the people that will be in your family formals as well as moments that are dearest to your heart, ensuring we capture the essence of your love story exactly as you envision it.

As a bonus, I have a fun bridesmaid invite for you! As a fellow June 2023 bride, I understand the intricacies of wedding planning. These free customizable forms are my way of giving back to other brides, helping you streamline your journey towards the wedding of your dreams. Remember, your vendors are your allies in turning your vision into reality. By sharing the right information, you empower us to capture the magic that defines your love story. 

Happy planning!

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